Presentation about 3D jewelry design and precision cutting at the Spanish Gemological Institute (IGE)

It was a nice meeting on Saturday, May 26, 2023, a great opportunity to present the advantages of precision cut gems to jewelry designers and professionals who came to IGE!

Chesco Díaz presented his collection “Barcelona”, where some of my specially cut stones were used, with “Trencadís” and “Catenaria” faceting designs, especially prepared for this collection. We talked a lot about new techniques in 3D jewelry design and gemstones cutting, and in the evening Chesco gave a practical class of jewelry design in Matrix Gold.

Here are some links and pictures from that day.

Presentation by IGE Vice President José María Reguera Sevilla
Chesco Díaz talking about 3D design process of Barcelona jewelry collection
Egor Gavrilenko during his presentation on precision gemstone faceting
Practical workshop on 3d jewelry design in Matrix Gold, by Chesco Díaz
Observing finished pieces of Barcelona jewelry collection after presentation
Explanations on design and production process, by Chesco Díaz

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