My viral sphalerite on Facebook – 2.7M reached!

This was a curious case, one of my very nice sphalerites uploaded to Facebook reached more than 2.7 million people, as per now! 🙂

I didn’t pay to promote this post, but it turned out viral very quickly, people start to share it, views, likes and comment grow spectacularly from the first minutes!

It was an exceptional 20.30 ct stone, very clean and with amazing dispersion, I cut it in an elongated hexagon with barion-style pavilion and simple step cut crown with 3 tiers. The design was born on fly, I was cutting a regular hexagon but had to remove some material from one side, because an unexpected inclusion showed up there. Then I cut to the same depth the other opposite side of the stone, to make it symmetrical, at it was clean and apparently ready to finish polishing. However, I didn’t like the resulting shape, it was neither regular hexagon nor clearly elongated one, not very pleasant for the eye. So I removed some more material from two opposite sides, loosing more weight but giving it a more elongated shape. It resulted very well and the stone was sold to a first person who saw it, with a quick cell phone video, without taking the stone out of the plastic box, sent by WhatsApp. After that I decided to do a good video of the same stone before sending it to the client. When I uploaded it to the Facebook it went viral!

This shape become quite trendy after this video. I’ve seen many similar stones later made by other cutters and for other gemstones. That’s how a small fissure removed from one side of a gem in cutting process can make a certain type of cut trendy nowadays! 🙂

See the original Facebook post here.

The video is now on Youtube too:

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