My new “Campanadas” faceting design – making off

In November 2020, my friend and renown jeweler Lisi Fracchia asked me to cut some special gemstones, as she was preparing her exclusive jewelry for the star TV presenter Anne Igartiburu, to be used on the New Year’s gala shows on the main Spanish TV channel, TVE1.

For that, I designed this new cut and I called it “Campanadas” (“Bell chimes”). It reflects the last moments before the end of the year, when there are only five minutes left to enter the new year. It is a very exciting time, when people around the world come together to celebrate, watching the clock, looking back on the past year, making plans for the new year and thinking on wishes that this magical moment will fulfill.

It was so exciting to see Anne, wearing the earrings made by Lisi Fracchia with these stones, on TV show “Inocente, inocente, 2020”, a traditional show celebrated each year on December 28th!

And on the New Years Eve, presenting that special 12 o’clock moment, she was wearing other earrings done by Lisi Fracchia, also with my stones, described in this other post.
Here you can see a short video of the “Campanadas” cut, from faceting design to real stones and jewels, and beautiful Anne Igartiburu wearing the earrings with “Campanadas” cut stones on the “Inocente, inocente, 2020” show.

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