This site is all about inclusions in gems and minerals. The microcosm of the internal world of gemstones is really fascinating, so I created this site to share my passion and knowledge in this area. It has three main sections:

  • Inclusions information
  • Inclusions photo database
  • Inclusions shop

Inclusions Information

This section contains extensive information on inclusions types, by phase filling and by time of their entrapment, relative to the host mineral; considerations about value of inclusions in Gemology, and description of main methods of inclusions studies used in Geology and Gemology, with special emphasis on Photomicrography techniques.

Inclusions Photo Database

In this section you can find hundreds of inclusions photographs, with detailed descriptions, ordered by different criteria. This database is still growing, I have many photos ready to upload, and many samples waiting for the photo session.

Currently this section is organized in albums and galleries, but we are working on converting it into a searchable database of images, hopefully very soon it will be possible to filter all available images by different criteria and even search by key words in captions.

Inclusions Shop

In this section you can find some spectacular and rare specimens of gems and minerals with inclusions. Most of them are faceted or polished, but there are also some crystals in its natural state, for mineral lovers.

Observation and photography of inclusions become more and more popular nowadays and the number of collectors is continuously growing. Some kinds of inclusions are common, but others quickly become a rarity on the market. Check out this section, maybe you can find some interesting samples for your collection!