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Welcome to my website!

I am a professional gemologist and gem cutter, born in Saint Petersburg and living in Madrid since 1998.

I’m very passionate about gemstones, gemology, inclusions in gems, photomicrography and gem faceting.

Here you will find some info about me, short descriptions of my projects, my blog with recent news and publications, and also the link to check my gemological reports online.

Thanks for your visit! If you have any comments please contact me by email or on social media.

All about inclusions in gemstones

Inclusions in gemstones are my life-time passion! They provide gemologists with very valuable information about the nature and conditions of formation of gemstones, but they also create fantastic scenes for microscopic observation and photography of gems.

I created this website to share this passion with gemologists and inclusions collectors. There, you can find there an extensive information about inclusions in gemstones, a large photo gallery of inclusions and a selection of collectible samples with rare and spectacular inclusions in gemstones from all over the world.

Magic of brilliance and dispersion

My other passion is gem faceting. One of the materials I like to work with is gem sphalerite. Aliva mine in Cantabria (Spain) produced the world’s best and largest transparent sphalerites, well known by collectors of rare gems and minerals. I prepared this website with a lot of information about this fabulous material and with some of my faceted sphalerites available for purchase.

Sphalerite is quite a soft stone, so it is not used in jewelry frequently. However, it does have a very high refractive index and an extremely high dispersion, making this gem an extraordinary piece for collections. Check out the section of Faceted sphalerites, you can find there a really unique, precision-cut sphalerites for your collection!

Precision cut gems for jewelry

This is the project I’m currently working on, it is still in preparation. I will publish my faceted stones for jewelry on this website.

For faceting, I use the technique of precision cutting. It utilizes special computer programs to create original faceting designs and to optimize the light passing through gem, to get maximum brilliance and scintillation.

Click on “Show more info” to see some general highlights of this project.


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New Stones

New stones available

March 14, 2023
I’m currently cutting new stones under special orders, and also preparing some stock to launch a dedicated web site were...

Exceptional green sphalerite

May 15, 2021
Here is an update of the story of the virtual rough planning for gem faceting, using photogrammetry. To read my...

Virtual rough planning for gemstone faceting

April 3, 2021
Rough planning is an important operation to maximize the weight of the gemstone to be cut from a rough piece....


Gold&Time: The jewels by Fracchia and Gavrilenko star on New Year’s Eve

January 14, 2021
Thanks a lot to my friends from Gold&Time newspaper for this nice note about the jewelry with my gemstones, designed...

TIMEJUST: A very special cut to say good bye to the year 2020!

December 17, 2020
Thanks for the mention of my work for this very special occasion – jewelry by Lisi Fracchia for Anne Igartiburu!...

Madrid Metropolitan – Lisi Fracchia’s interview

December 12, 2020
Nice interview with a friend, renown jewelry designer Lisi Fracchia, where she mentions our collaboration in making jewelry with Spanish...


Via ferrata El Ventano del Diablo, Cuenca

September 20, 2020
Here are some pictures from a very nice short trip to Cuenca, with my elder son Evgeniy. We had a...

The Munich Show 2019

October 27, 2019
Some pictures from the Munich Show – Mineralientage Munich, October 2019. I was very honored to expose some of my...

Visit to a cutting factory in Panyu, China

December 28, 2015
I publish here some photos and videos from a very interesting trip to an important area of gemstones and jewelry...


Virtual rough planning for gemstone faceting

April 3, 2021
Rough planning is an important operation to maximize the weight of the gemstone to be cut from a rough piece....

Faceting process

November 18, 2020
I publish here some pictures of the faceting process, for a parcel of small trillion cut sphalerites that I cut...

Working with Lisi Fracchia

November 16, 2020
Here we are selecting some gemstones for a very special project by Lisi Fracchia ( info on this project soon,...

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